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Orchids Varieties

Our clients can avail from us many varieties of Orchids, which is considered to be largest family of flowering plants with widespread species. Further, these orchids are perennial herbs and lack any permanent woody structure. Our diverse range of orchids we are cultivating includes Dendrobium Liberty White, Dendrobium King Dragon, Phalaenopsis varieties, Phalaenopsis Orchids varieties, Aloe and others. We offer these orchids at very economical price.

Dendrobium Liberty White

We offer wide range of Dendrobium Liberty White, which are highly suitable for indoor display. From blooming to full bloom, the plant with its flower can last from one to three months depending on its variety. Moreover, these plants can be used as ornamental plants and its flowers are widely used in decoration purposes in various ceremonies. We offer these plants at highly economical price.

Dendrobium King Dragon

We are offering our clients with Dendrobium King Dragon, which are well known for their beautiful flowers. Further, these plants are cultivated mostly as ornamental plants and used in various decorations. Moreover, these plants are cultivated as their natural habitat. Our clients can avail these orchids at highly reasonable price.

Phalaenopsis Varieties

We are providing our clients with Phalaenopsis varieties, which are mostly epiphytic shade plants and few are lithophytes. Moreover, some species grow below the canopies of moist and humid lowland forests, protected against direct sunlight; others grow in seasonally dry or cool environments. Further, these varieties are offered to our clients at most reasonable prices.

Phalaenopsis Orchids Varieties

We offer wide range of Phalaenopsis Orchids varieties, which with perfect choice for anniversaries or special occasions. Moreover, these orchids are easy to grow and have long-lasting flowers. Phalaenopsis do not need as much light like other orchids which make them more desirable as house plants. Phalaenopsis can be found in various colors including pinks, yellows, and stripes. Our team of expert botanist has all the required knowledge and expertise, which makes these plants to be cultivated like in their native habitat. Thus, all the plants are healthy and well cultivated.

Aloe Varieties

We offer wide range of Aloe, which are known for its wide range of medicinal properties. Further, the plant has succulent leaves of Aloe Vera, which are one of nature's perfect packaging miracles. The sap of the plant has been used to soothe the pain of burns, rashes, insect bites, and other skin irritations. The application of aloe gel to the irritated area increases oxygen flow to the area, helping speed the process of healing.  Additionally, our clients can avail these plants at very affordable prices.

Other Varieties

We offer wide range of orchids, which can range from Paphiopedilum, Miltonia, Cymbidium, Odontoglossum, Cattleya, Oncidium, Brassia, Dendrobium   and many more. We take special care in cultivation of these orchids. Our orchids are grown in a environment like their native habitat. Further, these orchids are well cultivated with all the suitable conditions of shading, soils, moisture etc. Our clients can avail these orchids at leading market price.

Other Orchids Varieties

Our clients can avail other varieties of orchids from us. Orchid family is a morphologically diverse, with largest number of species. Moreover, these orchids are occurring in almost every habitat apart from glaciers. The world's richest concentration of orchid varieties is found in the Himalayan region of Nepal. Our clients can avail many varieties such as Paphiopedilum, Miltonia, Cymbidium, Odontoglossum, Cattleya, Oncidium, Brassia, Dendrobium and many more at leading market prices.

Nephrolepis Exaltata

We offer wide range of Nephrolepis Exaltata that is a species of fern in the family. Lomariopsidaceae is native to tropical regions throughout the world. These are very popular house plant, often grown in hanging baskets or similar conditions. It is a perennial plant hardy in USDA plant hardiness zones. Although outdoors this plant prefers partial shade or full shade, inside it grows best in bright filtered light. Available in various specifications, these can be availed at industries leading prices.


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